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As the Spring Festival approached, Mr. Wang Limin, member of the Standing Committee of the Tianjin Nankai District and Minister of the United Front Work Department, together with Mr. Sun Jiankun, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the District Education Bureau, came to visit MacDuffie School to conduct surveys and guide our work, accompanied by Ms.Yuan Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin MacDuffie School, and the leaders of different departments of the school.


Secretary Yuan Xin expressed her gratitude to the Nankai District Education Bureau for its strong support over the years in the development of MacDuffie School. She showed Minister Wang Limin and other visitors the growth of MacDuffie School over the past five years of operation, and gave a detailed introduction of the school's fifteen-year integrated development plan, the development of high-quality educational resources, the achievements of the brand and characteristics of the school in various aspects.


Minister Wang Limin considered the development of MacDuffie School to be very effective, and he fully affirmed the outstanding achievements of the school in education, quality of faculty and student cultivation. He appreciated the school's efforts in diversified education, project-based learning and other featured teaching and learning practices. He also encouraged MacDuffie School to further strengthen cooperation and exchanges with domestic and international high-level institutions to keep improving the quality of education and influence.


Mr.Sun Jiankun fully recognized the excellent results achieved by the school departments.In addition, he particularly mentioned the large-scale MacDuffie charity sale to help people who are disabled. He believes MacDuffie is a school with social responsibility and is playing an exemplary role in the public welfare undertakings. He encouraged the school to continue the innovation in school education to develop students’international outlook and creativity, in which way the school will make a greater contribution in education in Nankai.





  • 134年历史

  • 133 years of history

  • 麻省第一所女子贵族私立学校

  • The first exclusive private school for girls in Massachusetts

  • 受全球学术委员会统一管理

  • Uniformly managed by the Global Academic Committee

  • 获得美国三大权威机构认证

  • Obtained certification from three major U.S. authorities

  • 美国大学理事会批准的AP授权学校(授权号694173)

  • AP authorized school approved by the College Board(authorization number 694173)

  • 美国新英格兰院校协会NEASC

  • New England Association of Colleges and Universities NEASC

  • 国家独立私人学校协会NIPSA

  • National Independent Private School Association NIPSA

  • 美国独立学校协会NAIS

  • American Association of Independent Schools NAIS

  • 美国Niche评分A+级学校

  • American Niche Grade A+ School

  • 被评为美国五星级学校

  • Was rated as a five-star school in the United States

  • Cognia认证学校

  • Cognia Accredited School

  • 全美高质量教育典范

  • A model of high-quality education in the United States

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